[Melbourne-pm] Dr Damian Conway's Perl courses and other PTA courses in Melbourne.

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Aug 17 19:51:47 CDT 2004

G'day folks,

Perl Training Australia is pleased to announce that over the next few
months we'll be running publicly enrolable courses by Dr Damian Conway.
These are in addition to our first public run of our new Perl Security
course and our introductory courses.

I encourage you to encourage your managers to send you and your
collegues on these courses as I'm certain there will be something to
interest all programmers.

Our current Melbourne calendar is as follows:

      *Early bird date*            27th August 2004  (see below)
    Introduction to Perl:          21st September - 22nd September 2004
    Intermediate Perl:             23rd September - 24th September 2004

    Perl Security:                 8th October 2004

    Advanced Object Oriented Perl: 31st January - 1st February 2005 *

    Text Processing with Perl:     3rd February 2005 *

* - presented by Dr Damian Conway

Places can be booked on these courses from our bookings page:

The Advanced Object Oriented Perl and Text Processing with Perl
(previously named Data Munging with Perl) will be presented by Dr Damian
Conway.  Advanced OO starts with how, and when, to bless arrays and
scalars and ends at how to use multiple dispatch.  Text Processing, on
the other hand, covers regular expressions through to natural languages.

The Perl Security course is our newest developed course and covers how
to program securely in Perl.  It includes taint checking and taint
traps, using the multi-argument versions of system and exec, opening
files with open and sysopen, safe temporary files, the Unix privilege
model and how to work with it, ops and Safe, chroot and virtual
machines, DBI and TaintIn/Out, Perl tricks and traps.  About 60% of this
information was covered in our test runs with PM.

The introductory courses, as you know, are hands-on courses with plenty
of time devoted to practicing the concepts covers.  These two courses
combined cover everything you need to get from being a Perl novice to
coding up quite complex Perl applications and course content is
applicable to Unix, Unix-like, Macintosh and MS Windows environments.

Group booking discounts apply for bookings of 3 or more people on the
same course.  The group booking discounts can be found on our bookings

Further more, mentioning Melbourne Perl Mongers when making your booking
will entitle you to the same amount per person, per course (as a group
booking) as a user group discount.

If you book and pay by the appropriate early bird special date, you will
be entitled to one free Perl book (of your choice) per person, per
course booking.  You can see the available books at:

*Please Note*  The early bird special date for the introductory courses
in Melboure is Friday August 27th 2004 (9 business days time).

As a further incentive to encourage you to encourage your collegues to
come on these courses, we will give *you* one free Perl book (up to the
value of $80 RRP) for every person who books on our course and mentions
your name (one name per course booking).  That means an average booking
of 2 people from an organisation on both introductory courses gains your
organisation *4* books^, *plus* $200 worth of user group discounts and
gives *you* 4 books as well!

^ - assuming payment by early bird special date.

These courses are run as a first-come first-served basis.  Places are
limited so early booking is recommended.

We look forward to seeing you on our courses.

All the very best,

     Jacinta Richardson

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