[Melbourne-pm] Perl web application framework recommendations

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Tue Aug 17 23:50:56 CDT 2004

> >  You can't nicely log out or modify the credentials.
> True, but as stated, you can't with any login/password field in mozilla 
> - - ie: it caches those too if the users clicks the button.
> But... there are circumstances where you can - eg: a lab of computers 
> are setup to not allow password saving, then it will probably work.
> Either way, you are depending on the implementation of the client.

I may have drifted off the topic here.  See below.

> > Mozilla will always give you a popup.
> Not true. That is totally dependent on the authentication module. If 
> you don't send back a 401, you don't get a popup.

I guess I should clarify where I'm coming from here.

I looked into using the basic credentials as a ticket for 
authentication since it can be set in the url 
http://user:pass@blah/ cross-site and works w/o cookies.

The snag was that mozilla ignored the url credentials when
it had already used other credentials successfully and
instead of trying the url ones as a fallback it poped up
the box.  It also ignored the auth domain in this scenario.

This was the specific problem I was getting at.
I only noticed it when trying out a cross-site auth idea.


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