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Daniel Pittman daniel at
Mon Sep 8 20:28:00 CDT 2003

On Tue, 09 Sep 2003, Nathan Bailey wrote:


> I do think SQL stands on its own, in the sense that you are unlikely
> to write perl *applications* without some kind of database
> interaction, regardless of the webness of it. 

At a previous job, we wrote around 10,000 lines of Perl code that did
not have anything at all to do with SQL. Come to think of it, up to the
time I left, *none* of our Perl code had ever touched an SQL database..., wait. A tiny script in the install routine did, because the SQL
monitor for SQL server couldn't do what we needed. :)


> I suspect that paragraph will result in a lot of contention, but
> presuming agreement for the sake of clarity in the current
> discussion...  Would adding another column or two about other relevant
> technologies frequently used in perl be sufficient?  

I think that making the technologies and the skills independent is what
you need to do. Knowing SQL well is not a sign of a good Perl
programmer, and knowing Perl well does not make you a DBA or SQL
performance expert.


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