Perl career progression (Was: Perl work at Monash)

Jacinta Richardson jarich at
Mon Sep 8 21:46:46 CDT 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Nathan Bailey wrote:

> Okay, so the common theme appears to be "too narrow" which is good feedback,
> except not specific enough to move forward/improve :-)
> I do think SQL stands on its own, in the sense that you are unlikely to
> write perl *applications* without some kind of database interaction,
> regardless of the webness of it.

G'day Nathan,

While I agree with your paragraph up there I want to add in a rider of my
own here.  SQL does stand on it's own, and junior developers should have
some experience with it and senior developers should be able to do great
things with it.  But your table mentions PL/SQL which is not the same at

I know lots of SQL and regularly do all sorts of things with it.  I also
create and maintain databases and design the schema.  I'm a PL/SQL newbie

PL/SQL is very domain specific and in my several years of consulting I've
never met a client who wanted me to interface with their Oracle database
server.  So I haven't learned how to.

So this is a specific case of why I think your table is too narrowly
focussed.  As an improvement, how about you change all occurances of
PL/SQL to SQL and then add in "passing familiarity" to "well experienced"
with PL/SQL as desirable additions?

All the best,


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