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On Tuesday, Sep 9, 2003, at 12:07 Australia/Melbourne, Brad Bowman 

>> It is funny you say that, because I am finding myself moving further
>> away from SQL.
> Amen!
>> I am really only using SQL now if I have a relational database - not 
>> if
>> I have non relational data.
> Halleluiah!!
>> I am finding more and more I am leaning towards hierarchical and 
>> object
>> databases - although non formal, mostly involved with storing XML in a
>> directory structure etc.
> Praise be to .. No, hang on, stop the music.
> I ain't doing no XML.  YAML, Storable or straight perl.

Actually all our storage goes through our single MI::Data library and 
DOES store it using Storable.
But I recently (customer requirements) had to use XML, and it was 
trivial to change the single point :-)

> But then I'm not currently sharing my toys with Java/web-services.

Thus the reason I had to change - very cool the way you can just pnp 
(for real).

>> Maybe as part of our new portal site, and to help Simon in creation of
>> good tutorials we could setup a 'best in bread' selection of perl
>> modules and have us all vote on them - maybe that already exists
>> elsewhere?
> P5EE

or even

p5ee is a good project, but like all books etc - it is not really 
community controlled. Hmmm... that probably came out wrong. What I 
would like is a voting system like that of advogato !

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