Perl Problem

Rick Measham rickm at
Mon Sep 8 20:25:09 CDT 2003

As everyone seems to be hanging around this morning, let me post a 
programming question:

Given that $locations is a ref returned from DBI's $dbh->selectall_arrayref():

	foreach my $location (@{$locations}) {
		next unless @{$location};
		print join("\t", @{$location}) . "\n";

Why does my app hang and then exactly 5 minutes later fill my apache 
error_log with 120 lines of:

[Tue Sep 09 11:13:05 2003] [error] [client] Use of 
uninitialized value in join or string at ./modules/ line 

The select when pasted into psql returns 33 rows, so I'm not sure 
what's going on here...

Any help muchly appreciated.

Rick Measham

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