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On Tuesday, Sep 9, 2003, at 11:25 Australia/Melbourne, Rick Measham 

> As everyone seems to be hanging around this morning, let me post a 
> programming question:
> Given that $locations is a ref returned from DBI's 
> $dbh->selectall_arrayref():
> 	foreach my $location (@{$locations}) {
> 		next unless @{$location};
> 		print join("\t", @{$location}) . "\n";
> 	}
> Why does my app hang and then exactly 5 minutes later fill my apache 
> error_log with 120 lines of:
> [Tue Sep 09 11:13:05 2003] [error] [client] Use of 
> uninitialized value in join or string at ./modules/ line 
> 342.

No idea why it is hanging, very odd... You could try adding in "print 
STDERR" lines in your code which will go into the logs time stamped so 
you can see WHERE it is blocking. Or you can use Devel::PTKDB to debug 
it visually.

As for the unitialized value, only ONE of the entries returned in your 
array and you will get that each time. So for example you have 120 
lines, which suggests maybe 4 of the returned entries are NULL which 
equate to undef in perl after coming through DBI.

> The select when pasted into psql returns 33 rows, so I'm not sure 
> what's going on here...
> Any help muchly appreciated.
> Cheers!
> Rick Measham

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