Melb.PM meeting, THIS Wednesday

Paul Fenwick pjf at
Mon Sep 8 19:16:22 CDT 2003

G'day everyone,

A very exciting Melb.PM meeting is coming this Wednesday (tomorrow!),
with three very exciting activities.  First, a reminder of the
time and place:
	When:	6:30pm, this Wednesday 10th September
	Where:	myinternet
		Level 8
		14 Blackwood Street
		North Melbourne

At this month's meeting, Rodd Clarkson is giving a talk on YaCMaS (Yet
another Content Management System):

	YaCMaS was designed to meet the needs of a client who was after
	a simple content management system that didn't involved any
	knowledge of HTML.  Three years later and numerous significant
	changes, YaCMaS still aims to meet the needs of your average
	Joe, but hopefully with a much better user experience, richer
	set of features, more flexibility and the use of a couple of
	"hashes of hashes of hashes of hashes" that drive the developer
	almost batty.

YaCMaS also runs the very impressive Open Source Victoria website,
at .

Scott Penrose is presenting a talk on "How Tied hashes solved the
problems of the world - well... DBD::CSV anyway".

	How we were able to get around a limitation on file name
	conventions in DBD::CSV by using a Tied Hash. How to create a
	simple tied hash and apply it."

Whether you're experienced with Perl's tie features, or never made
a tie before, you're sure to learn something from this excellent

Finally, we're going to have a very special Melb.PM social evening.
Many many people attend Melb.PM, and while I'm sure everyone loves
to hear the talks from our speakers, we don't necessarily get to
hear that much about each other.  This will be your opportunity to
introduce yourself to the group, let us know what you'd like to
see more (or less) of at Melb.PM, get involved in the organisation,
or just swap a few tales over a pint at the pub after the meeting.

Don't miss out on this month's exciting Melb.PM meeting!


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