Perl implemented in Perl for Perl 6

Simon Taylor simontaylor at
Thu Jul 10 15:33:59 CDT 2003

Hello Scott,

> I was looking through the perl6 sites, lists etc, to see if anyone has
> started work on such a project. The theory being, if we can write what
> we can of perl5 in perl5, using the least primitives we can, then
> converting those to perl6 should not be hard, and then converting only
> those primitives to parrot is of course easier than the whole of perl...
> Anyone heard, seen anything on this idea?

Someone (I forget who), announced a similar undertaking here at OSCON

I believe that the plan is to make perl5 the second non-trivial language
ported to parrot, (there is a working BASIC implementation already in 

I'll see what more I can find out about it....


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