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Scott Penrose wrote:
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> Hey Dudes,
> One of the things that Damian Conway mentioned during the last talk on 
> Perl 6 was that much of what perl does in core will most likely be done 
> by perl code itself.
> Martin Ellis last night demonstrated writing combinations of require, 
> do, use and no based on each other. In the end (apart from the fact that 
> use can not be directly done in perl without a BEGIN block, ie: changing 
> your source) each only depended on eval.
> We already know that for and foreach are basically the same - but we can 
> even go further and make them if and goto - which is what they will end 
> up being at the bytecode anyway.
> I was looking through the perl6 sites, lists etc, to see if anyone has 
> started work on such a project. The theory being, if we can write what 
> we can of perl5 in perl5, using the least primitives we can, then 
> converting those to perl6 should not be hard, and then converting only 
> those primitives to parrot is of course easier than the whole of perl...
> Anyone heard, seen anything on this idea?

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