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> I believe that the plan is to make perl5 the second non-trivial 
> language
> ported to parrot, (there is a working BASIC implementation already in
> place).
> I'll see what more I can find out about it....

Stas pointed out it is called ponie.

What ponie is doing is to take the Perl 5 Core and make it generate 
It also has some extra compatibility layers for shared objects in C to 
be linked in in the current XS style.

What I was more thinking about is Perl 6. Which is a new language. 
However most of Perl 6 is still Perl 5 - but the plan is to write as 
much of it as possible in Perl 6. Thus you may need to write 'eval' but 
you then do not need to write 'do' or 'require' as they can be written 
with a file read and an eval.

What I was wondering, is there anyone trying to write perl in 
primitives - so that there is less actual work to do to write perl 6.

The problem is bootstrapping - as you must have perl 6 to do this. 
However I though, since perl 6 will be similar to perl 5, maybe many of 
these language extensions (well, core in perl 5, but maybe they will be 
called extensions in 6) can be written now in perl 5 - tested, and then 
ported to perl 6 over time.

What it would also indicate is what primitives MUST exist in perl 6. 
Thus the minimum set will then be defined. And then only that minimum 
set need be converted into Parrot.

None of this actually effects the real hard work - which is of course 
the parser of the new language itself.

What I am wondering is - where would this fit in - it at all in Perl 6 

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