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Hey Dudes,

One of the things that Damian Conway mentioned during the last talk on 
Perl 6 was that much of what perl does in core will most likely be done 
by perl code itself.

Martin Ellis last night demonstrated writing combinations of require, 
do, use and no based on each other. In the end (apart from the fact 
that use can not be directly done in perl without a BEGIN block, ie: 
changing your source) each only depended on eval.

We already know that for and foreach are basically the same - but we 
can even go further and make them if and goto - which is what they will 
end up being at the bytecode anyway.

I was looking through the perl6 sites, lists etc, to see if anyone has 
started work on such a project. The theory being, if we can write what 
we can of perl5 in perl5, using the least primitives we can, then 
converting those to perl6 should not be hard, and then converting only 
those primitives to parrot is of course easier than the whole of perl...

Anyone heard, seen anything on this idea?

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