Melb.PM to see Lord of the Nerdlab

Rick Measham rickm at
Sun Jan 5 22:05:42 CST 2003

Yup, I've seen LOTR and its too long to see it again, especially so soon.
I'd love to come to Nerdlab but won't follow onto LOTR. On the other hand if
we're going to see something like Bowling for Columbine I'll bring my wife
too :)

Cheers all!
Rick Measham

(P.S. Any info on where Nerdlab is .. and what exactly goes on there?)

> Bowling for Columbine: Kino, Melbourne 7.15pm 9.30pm; Nova, Carlton
> 7.20pm 9.40pm
> I've seen it, but would gladly watch it again. Laugh out loud, cry out
> loud edu-docu-comedy from one of America's fattest and hairiest
> entertainers.

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