Melb.PM to see Lord of the Nerdlab

Gustaf Bjorksten gustaf at
Mon Jan 6 00:17:20 CST 2003

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Rick Measham wrote:

> Yup, I've seen LOTR and its too long to see it again, especially so soon.
> I'd love to come to Nerdlab but won't follow onto LOTR. On the other hand if
> we're going to see something like Bowling for Columbine I'll bring my wife
> too :)

Nerdlab is close to the Lumiere which is cool if peeps want to see the
spanish flick. It is also close to the bourke and russell st cinemas in
the cbd if there is anything on there.

It is only a short tram ride (10 min) and short walk to get to the nova
in lygon st.

crash and i have seen lotr, bowling for columbine, and the 007 flick

We haven't seen spirited away yet and would really like to, so that gets
my vote :) I think spirited away is on in the cbd as well as at the

> (P.S. Any info on where Nerdlab is .. and what exactly goes on there?)

Nerdlab is here...

...and, uh, "stuff" goes on there m'kay ;)

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