Melb.PM to see Lord of the Nerdlab

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Sun Jan 5 21:52:57 CST 2003

Seen it - as has most of humanity.

May I humbly suggest the following? :

Spirited Away: Nova, 7.40pm 10.05pm
A neat-o cartoon from someone allegedly famous.

Donny Darko: Nova, 9.35pm
Awesome teen psychological flick set in the 80's. Worth it for the
soundtrack alone.

Bowling for Columbine: Kino, Melbourne 7.15pm 9.30pm; Nova, Carlton
7.20pm 9.40pm
I've seen it, but would gladly watch it again. Laugh out loud, cry out
loud edu-docu-comedy from one of America's fattest and hairiest

Die Another Day: Village at Crown Gold Class, Southbank
Switch your brain off.

Y Tu Mama Tambien: Lumiere, Melbourne
Don't let the name fool you. It's not just arthouse, it's a film about
two teen root-rats competing for the affections of a wise old female
root-rat. But heck, it's in Spanish, which means we can merrily throw
political correctness out the window.

Anyhoo, these are the ones I would see. Out of these, I've already seen
Donny Darko and Bowling for Columbine.

And heck, there's nothing stopping us from deciding on the spur of the
moment, eh?

Cheers buckos,

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G'day Everyone,

	Obviously I need to take notes.  A visit to Nerdlab was indeed
mentioned last meeting.  If people haven't already grabbed their
tickets, how about a revised schedule?

	What:	Perl Mongers @ Nerdlab
	When:	Wed 8th January, about 6pm
	Where:	Kat and Gus to provide directions in follow-up mail.

		FOLLOWED BY.... (for those who haven't seen it - just
	What:		Lord of the Rings
	Time:           8pm
	Location:       Village Cinemas at Crown
	Cost:           $14 adult, $11.50 student/pension, $9.50 senior
	Hint:           If purchasing four or more adult tickets,
			it's actually cheaper to purchase a book of
			five "screen savers" tickets ($55/book from



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