Perl Meetup day

Tony Smith ts at
Thu Oct 31 23:56:40 CST 2002

>	* the Gin Palace (190 Lt Collins St., Melbourne)
>		Probably the best martini bar in Melbourne (but bring lots
>		of money)

As long as everybody knows that Gin Palace isn't exactly in Little 
Collins but around the corner in a lane.

>	* Vegetarian Orgasm (117 Smith St, Fitzroy, Melbourne)
>		Reasonable food, reasonable prices, fantastic desserts

I only go for the mea^Het.

>	* Bliss Lounge Bar (11 Queen St., Melbourne)
>		??

The first Slashdot Meetup discovered that Bliss doesn't open till 8:30.

Guess I'm gonna havta vote again, even if it is getting a bit close 
to the silly season.

And my other vote is for tying Charles Wright to a chair for four 
hours of Damian. The only way to tackle our cultural cringe is head 

Tony Smith

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