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Jens Porup jens at
Thu Oct 31 20:38:18 CST 2002

Greetings, all.

For those of you who don't read the LUV list:

Some of you may recall that about six months ago 20 or so
Java shops got together and formed Enterprise Java Victoria
which successfully applied for $80K from the Victorian 

The second wave of Next Wave funding is upon us:

Cybersource is proposing to form an Open Source Consortium
to apply for this grant. The stated purpose of such a group
will be to promote and educate state government and business
leaders about the advantages of using Open Source/Free Software
tools. Such a Consortium would be non-technology specific,
e.g. we will promote Linux, BSDs, Zope, Perl, PHP, Apache,
e-Smith, etc with no prejudice to one particular solution.

We would, however, be especially and deliberate critical of
the government's recent decision to "save money" by spending
$80 million in Windows licenses over the next three years. 

The theory is that by raising awareness of Free Software
solutions in general we promote all Open Source shops
in specific.

If you own or work for an Open Source shop in Victoria,
and you're willing to contribute time, effort, and possibly
a modest amount of cash to this effort, then please join the
discussion on the newly created Open Source Victoria list.
To join, send an email to:

	osv-list-request at

	with a subject heading of "Subscribe"

If you have any problems with the list please contact
the administrators, myself on this address or Con Zymaris
on conz at



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