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BTW, Charles Wright (IT journalist for The SMH and The Age, and weekly IT
spot on John Faine's radio program) has expressed an interest in coming
along to something to see what Melb PM is all about. It might end up as
an article.

I said he might like to see Damian talk, but it might be pretty techie
for 4-hours for a non-programmer... Whaddya think?

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Wow, decent venues!  :)
The meetup thing is set for Thursday November the 21st and the venues
suggested are:
	* the Gin Palace (190 Lt Collins St., Melbourne)
		Probably the best martini bar in Melbourne (but bring lots
		of money)
	* Vegetarian Orgasm (117 Smith St, Fitzroy, Melbourne)
		Reasonable food, reasonable prices, fantastic desserts
	* Bliss Lounge Bar (11 Queen St., Melbourne)
Meeting over several rounds of martinis sounds ideal to me. ;)	Anyone
else interested in an excuse to end up way way to happy on gin?

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