Mason for CGI application development?

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Sat Nov 16 11:41:00 CST 2002

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002, Scott Penrose wrote:

> On Sunday, Nov 17, 2002, at 01:22 Australia/Melbourne, Timothy S. 
> Nelson wrote:
> > On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Martin at wrote:
> >>> Templates and filters. Assign a common template, filter, or
> >>> piece
> >>> of code to an entire site (or a particular section) with a
> >>> single
> >>> well-placed file. (Docs)
> >
> > 	As someone who has used HTML::Mason (this was some time back), this is
> > one of the best aspects.  You just code up some headers, drop them in 
> > one of
> > the automatic files, and then they appear on all files in all 
> > subdirectories
> > (unless directed otherwise).  Want to change your headings on all 
> > pages (eg.
> > to add a stylesheet)?  Just change the main handler and it all happens.
> That is true of course. Something I never understand is why it is not 
> used more often for standard static HTML pages. Even when I do the 
> simplest web site I will use SSI to do all the additional wrapping, 
> headers etc. Thus, as you said being able to replace CSS in one simple 
> place.
> The whole concept of doing web pages with a GUI (ala Dreamweaver) is 
> infuriating. Long live templates, server side includes, Template 
> Toolkit, HTML::Mason, AxKit (and all those others I have missed) :-)

	PHP?  :)  The thing I like about HTML::Mason over SSI/PHP/whatever is 
that you don't have to add something to each individual file -- it just 


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