Mason for CGI application development?

Scott Penrose scottp at
Mon Nov 18 16:54:40 CST 2002

> 	PHP?  :)  The thing I like about HTML::Mason over SSI/PHP/whatever is
> that you don't have to add something to each individual file -- it just
> happens.

Actually there are a number of Apache modules to do that, and it is 
even possible with SSI. You just make the top document (eg: /) the SSI 
document, and in that you can do things like...

	... your headers
	<!--#include virtual="/src/${PATH_INFO}" -->
	... your footers

There are a dozen other ways to do it. If you only want headers and 
footers, wrappers etc, then I strongly recommend using Apache modules. 
If however you want more intelligence (coz lets face it SSI is PRETTY 
simple !!!) then by all means HTML::Mason, Template Toolkit, AxKit etc 

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