CGI Development - Multiple Entry or Dispatch

Scott Penrose scottp at
Sat Nov 2 23:29:03 CST 2002

Hey Dudes,

When developing CGI, wether via web application style (ala Mod Perl) or 
individual (ala CGI) you get the choice of having multiple entry points 
or a dispatch.

Most programs never go for complete multiple entry. Usually you will 
get a CGI script to view, edit and save an entry of some type (eg: in a 
database). So even multiple entry points have at least some dispatch.

An alternative is to have a single entry point for an application, 
where you have a dispatch (usually around the rest of the PATH) to 
decide if you want to list vs edit vs save etc.

Do people have an opinion on what is the better way and why? What would 
you recommend if you were developing all over again ?

Scott Penrose
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