CGI Development - Multiple Entry or Dispatch

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Sun Nov 3 17:01:07 CST 2002

On Monday, Nov 4, 2002, at 18:03 Australia/Melbourne, David Dick wrote:

> can you give a short code example of what you mean by multiple entry 
> and dispatch methods?


	use MyImplementation;
	my $m = MyImplementation-new();

	if ($ENV{PATH_INFO} eq "") {
	} elsif ($ENV{PATH_INFO} eq "edit") {
	} elsif ($ENV{PATH_INFO} eq "save") {
	} else {

OR, multiple methods

	use MyImplementation;

	use MyImplementation;
	use MyImplementation;

Of course in the multiple version, you generally actually implement the 
code there, rather than just calling another method.

The advantages of single point of entry are:
	- Single location of code
	- Single point for setting up, database handles, config etc
	- Easier to make mod perl

The advantages of multiple entry points are:
	- Easier to implement
	- Faster to load (less code to compile)
	- Getting the web server to do what you would have to do manually.
	- More flexibility on installation (just web server config changes)


> Scott Penrose wrote:
>> Hey Dudes,
>> When developing CGI, wether via web application style (ala Mod Perl) 
>> or individual (ala CGI) you get the choice of having multiple entry 
>> points or a dispatch.
>> Most programs never go for complete multiple entry. Usually you will 
>> get a CGI script to view, edit and save an entry of some type (eg: in 
>> a database). So even multiple entry points have at least some 
>> dispatch.
>> An alternative is to have a single entry point for an application, 
>> where you have a dispatch (usually around the rest of the PATH) to 
>> decide if you want to list vs edit vs save etc.
>> Do people have an opinion on what is the better way and why? What 
>> would you recommend if you were developing all over again ?
>> Scott
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