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Fri Nov 1 01:31:17 CST 2002

On Fri, 1 Nov 2002 17:38:54 +1100 (EST), "Jacinta Richardson"
<jarich at> said:
> The Gin Palace is a pretty wierd place to get to.  It's on a laneway
> between Lt Collins and Bourke streets.	You wander down and get to a
> place
> with a sign "gp" out the front and no other indications of what happens
> inside.  It passes a lot of people's minds that it could be a brothel.
> There's a tiny plaque somewhere that says "Gin Palace" but when I read
> that I wasn't thinking "Gin" as in alcohol, perhaps as a name...
For truely weird, be sure to check out The Croft Institute...

> It's way too noisy and crowded on Friday and Saturdays nights to be
> enjoyable in my opinion.  Thursday should be good (so long as we can all
> make it to work the next morning.)
Agreed--what's the fun of a meet if we can't talk?

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