Perl Meetup day

Jacinta Richardson jarich at
Fri Nov 1 00:38:54 CST 2002

On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Adam Clarke wrote:

> My understanding is that Gin has a reputation for producing exactly the 
> opposite emotion :)

Well there could be that, but I've never seen anything nasty happen at the
Gin Palace.  It does get quite crowded though.

The Gin Palace is a pretty wierd place to get to.  It's on a laneway
between Lt Collins and Bourke streets.  You wander down and get to a place
with a sign "gp" out the front and no other indications of what happens
inside.  It passes a lot of people's minds that it could be a brothel.
There's a tiny plaque somewhere that says "Gin Palace" but when I read
that I wasn't thinking "Gin" as in alcohol, perhaps as a name...

It's way too noisy and crowded on Friday and Saturdays nights to be
enjoyable in my opinion.  Thursday should be good (so long as we can all
make it to work the next morning.)

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