Red Hat, RPMs and Perl

JP Howard jh_lists at
Tue Aug 20 21:48:10 CDT 2002

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:25:27 +1000, "Simon Taylor"
<simon at> said:
> We remove the vendors packages completely, install perl from source
> and use the CPAN module to install everything else.
> This *so* much simplifies issues like building mod_perl apache and
> installing other xs modules.
Exactly. We do the same thing for the same reason. CPAN handles
dependencies very nicely by itself. The only annoying thing is that a
small number of packages have interactive makefiles. Grrr...

As Scott mentioned, this does mean lying to your packager of choice
about your Perl install (such as through installing a dummy package of
Perl itself), but such deception is sometimes justified.

Mind you, take my advice with a grain of salt--I'm mainly working with
servers rather than desktops, and install the majority of stuff from
source. So I'm not really into packages into general...

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