Red Hat, RPMs and Perl

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Thu Aug 22 07:33:46 CDT 2002

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, JP Howard wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 09:27:50 +1000, "Scott Penrose"
> <scottp at> said:
> > However on our deployed servers we made the decision to never use
> > CPAN. What we do instead is make our own .deb of the CPAN module.
> > But it is easy for debian, you just use dh-make-perl and it does it
> > all for you
> Yes, you have to pick one or t'other... We chose the opposite and never
> use packages--always CPAN.
> > CPAN is fairly well structured and predictable. I am still at a loss
> > at wondering why there isn't a repository of built CPAN packages for
> > all of RedHat, FreeBSD and Debian, we are so close to making this
> > possible. You know when you think something is logical it must
> > already exist - well it must already exist :-)
> >
> For precompiled packages, I guess ActiveState PPM is the repository
> of choice.

	Hmm.  I dunno about the others, but for Redhat, what you need is a
spec file for the package.  Then you whack the tgz on a test/building machine,
put the spec in the SPEC directory, and use rpm -ba <specfile>, and it will
create you a beautiful RPM.  Then all you have to do is copy it elsewhere, and
rpm -Uvh or whatever.  All we need is a spec file with every Perl module.


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