[mnw.pm] april fools, etc.

Lisa Nyman (GEO-CSB) lnyman at Census.gov
Thu Apr 1 14:50:52 CST 1999


elaine wrote:

> Someone has volunteered to do a logo for us so there is hope for a web
> page sometime in the not too distant future.

Yes, I hope to get together ideas for a web page soon...

> Is anyone coming to the Boston Tutorials at the end of April? The
> Boston.pm will be hosting some fun diversions for those attending :)

No, but I plan on attending Pittsburgh.

> And lastly....I have seen the worst use of Perl in my life at my job this
> week. Problem: It was written by my peter pricipled boss who has asked me
> to 'have a look at it'. I could rewrite this several hundred line
> monstrosity in about 10 lines. So, should I risk zorching the male ego
> (prior demonstrated sensitivity to ignorance) or let it go? Imagine a
> shell script only in Perl :)

I had a user write a 1200 line perl script.   The bulk of the script was a
loop repeated for each possible case of the looping variable.


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