[mnw.pm] april fools, etc.

elaine ashton elaine at cts.wustl.edu
Thu Apr 1 15:09:38 CST 1999

> > Someone has volunteered to do a logo for us so there is hope for a web
> > page sometime in the not too distant future.
> Yes, I hope to get together ideas for a web page soon...

Cool. I have a ton of urls and such...the more the merrier. I will be
taking a month off here soon so I'll set aside a day to put something

> > Is anyone coming to the Boston Tutorials at the end of April? The
> > Boston.pm will be hosting some fun diversions for those attending :)
> No, but I plan on attending Pittsburgh.

Eggcellent. :) It should be quite a bit of fun.

> I had a user write a 1200 line perl script.   The bulk of the script was a
> loop repeated for each possible case of the looping variable.

LOL! Those pesky users...what would we do without them? 

So, is anyone else alive? breathing? still hibernating from the winter? 

Anything new, old, etc? Exciting projects? Aggravating ones? 


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