[mnw.pm] april fools, etc.

elaine ashton elaine at cts.wustl.edu
Thu Apr 1 14:42:37 CST 1999

see http://www.pm.org/ for those of you who haven't seen it today :)

http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~lenzo/yapc/yapc_cfp.txt for the YAPC call for
papers. I will be doing a "History of Perl" talk so I encourage anyone who
has an idea to pursue it. Abstracts are due at the end of April. It should
be a much more intimate and fun conference than TPC...start nagging your
boss now! 

Someone has volunteered to do a logo for us so there is hope for a web
page sometime in the not too distant future.

Is anyone coming to the Boston Tutorials at the end of April? The
Boston.pm will be hosting some fun diversions for those attending :)

And lastly....I have seen the worst use of Perl in my life at my job this
week. Problem: It was written by my peter pricipled boss who has asked me
to 'have a look at it'. I could rewrite this several hundred line
monstrosity in about 10 lines. So, should I risk zorching the male ego
(prior demonstrated sensitivity to ignorance) or let it go? Imagine a
shell script only in Perl :)



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