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Mon Dec 19 11:18:38 PST 2005


Robert Spier <rspier at pobox.com> wrote:  
Hi Lapmers -

I really meant to have a December meeting, but it just didn't
happen, so, we're going to have one in January.

What do people think of something like Wednesday the 4th? Or
should we delay until later in the month?

I'm thinking we should do a dinner meeting (but try and have some
technical content). Location: "The West Side" (Santa Monica,
Westwood, Brentwood.)

Anyone have restaurant suggestions? Should be moderately priced
and while I'm a big fan of "interesting cuisine" -- there needs to
be at least something for our members with dietary restrictions or
who just don't like odd things.

In terms of technical content, I'd like to find someone to talk
authoritatively for a few minutes about something perlish. (Fodder
includes the recent sprintf flaw stuff, Perl6, Parrot, or anything
else nifty.)

Other news: The Movable Type folks (SixApart) are interested in
doing some sort of Movable Type related training/event. MT is one
of the most popular large-scale widely-deployed Perl applications
today. Ask is working on getting the details for this arranged.

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