[Kc] late notice of meeting tonight. Come learn about using memcached

Andrew Moore amoore at mooresystems.com
Tue Mar 9 07:02:55 PST 2010

The 2nd Tuesday of March sneaked up on me. Let's get together tonight
at 7pm at Barley's in Shawnee.

As penance for having forgotten to send out a mail about the meeting
before now, I'll put together something to say about using memcached
from a perl application. I recently improved an application at work to
use memcached and saw great results for not much work. I'll let you
know a bit about what I did, how I did it, and some tips for you if
you're thinking of doing something similar.

I'll try to grab a couple of the high-top tables in the back shortly
before 7 this evening.

See you there!


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