[Kc] website updates [was: kcrug]

Andrew Moore amoore at mooresystems.com
Tue Jul 4 09:42:28 PDT 2006

It seems like I recognize two pretty good points from what David
occasionally indicates and what Garrett wrote.

1) Garrett: we have some pretty good stuff there
2) David: but some of it gets out of date pretty quickly considering
   how often we don't touch the site

To address both of these, I've made some changes such as: 

* Changed the "News" page to a "Meetings" page. It lists "notable past
  meetings" and information about our (ir)regular meetings. Since it
  doesn't promise to list all of the meetings, it's OK if we miss some
  of the less memorable ones. (like the time we all left David there
  to read by himself!) I ran through the list archives and didn't see
  anything too great about meeting summaries in the past year or two,
  but I recall Garrett making some for a handful of months. I'll see
  if I can find more.

* consolidated "Contact" and "About" to list some "prominent members"
  (David, Garrett, and me) who can be contacted if the list is

* Reviews and Jobs are there. One keeps itself up to date, and the
  other is good over a longer time scale. Adding reviews to this page
  when they come in isn't too bad. They will probably be links to the
  mailing list anyway.

* updated a ton of broken links. The mailing list archives were moved.

I'm hopeful that we're getting closer to having a good balance between
an informative site and one that doesn't require monthly
maintenance. I encourage suggestions or help!


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