[Kc] website updates [was: kcrug]

C. Garrett Goebel ggoebel at goebel.ws
Tue Jul 4 08:57:36 PDT 2006

Regarding the comment on my being slightly out-of-the-way these days...
While geographically that is very much the case, I'm actually spending
more time with Perl now than have for quite some time. Hopefully, when I
get back in September I'll be able to give a presentation on Jifty
(http://www.jifty.org). I'm using it to build a database for education and
medical record keeping at a school here for developmentally disabled

Regarding the website...

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006, Andrew Moore wrote:
> I presumed that David didn't like the outdated information since he
> mentioned at the last meeting that he thought the site should just
> point to the mailing list. I pretty much stripped down the site and
> left some general meeting information and a link to the mailing list
> archives. The old pages are still there, and we can update or restore
> them if there's any interest.

Thanks for taking the initiative on this. I wasn't at the meeting, and
didn't see any notes on what was discussed besides what you'd already
mentioned. So if I'm coming at this from an angle perpendicular to the
general consensus let me know.

Before I start, let me drop a reference to the waybackmachine for
reviewing old versions of the website:

Since we haven't had any news in a long time... I can certainly see
dropping the News link. However, as we've just had a meeting... perhaps
it'd be just as well to update it. It's nice to have the historical
record. Time permitting, it'd be nice to fish references to meeting
summaries out of the mail archives and link them in like was done for book
reviews. I know there's been at least one or two meetings that slipped
between the cracks since the last time the page was updated.

Minimally, I'd recommend restoring the links to the Reviews and Jobs
pages. The Jobs page is very much up-to-date, as it is a syndicate of the
http://jobs.perl.org/rss site. FYI: there is a link pointing to us from
that URL. At one point they'd told me they planned on adding regional
and/or state based search criteria, but it doesn't look like they've
gotten around to that yet.

And I've run across references to the Reviews page via google when looking
for book reviews. So that's another easy path that leads people to our

We might update and merge About and Contacts. There's definitely some
redundancy and inconsistency there. On one page I'm listed as the
moderator... and on the other both David and I are listed. It's nice to
have a page where someone interested in KC.PM ongoings can find
info on how to contact someone without having to subscribe to the list.
Over the years, I received enough emails from lurkers and people new to
the area... to justify it.

Andy, I'd also recommend adding your name to the list. You've been around
and involved long enough in keeping the group alive and running to merit
making it as official as these things get.




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