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C. Garrett Goebel ggoebel at goebel.ws
Tue Jul 4 10:30:39 PDT 2006

This is really great. Thanks!

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006, Andrew Moore wrote:

> It seems like I recognize two pretty good points from what David
> occasionally indicates and what Garrett wrote.
> 1) Garrett: we have some pretty good stuff there
> 2) David: but some of it gets out of date pretty quickly considering
>    how often we don't touch the site
> To address both of these, I've made some changes such as:
> * Changed the "News" page to a "Meetings" page. It lists "notable past
>   meetings" and information about our (ir)regular meetings. Since it
>   doesn't promise to list all of the meetings, it's OK if we miss some
>   of the less memorable ones. (like the time we all left David there
>   to read by himself!) I ran through the list archives and didn't see
>   anything too great about meeting summaries in the past year or two,
>   but I recall Garrett making some for a handful of months. I'll see
>   if I can find more.
> * consolidated "Contact" and "About" to list some "prominent members"
>   (David, Garrett, and me) who can be contacted if the list is
>   inapporopriate.
> * Reviews and Jobs are there. One keeps itself up to date, and the
>   other is good over a longer time scale. Adding reviews to this page
>   when they come in isn't too bad. They will probably be links to the
>   mailing list anyway.
> * updated a ton of broken links. The mailing list archives were moved.
> I'm hopeful that we're getting closer to having a good balance between
> an informative site and one that doesn't require monthly
> maintenance. I encourage suggestions or help!
> Thanks,
> -Andy
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