[Edinburgh-pm] 11th August - Paul and Jacinta (PJF and jarich) come to Edinburgh!

Murray perl at minty.org
Mon Jul 13 09:24:30 PDT 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 12:26:54PM +0100, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 13 Jul 2009, at 12:10, Paul Fenwick wrote:
>> Sold!  It looks like we'll be arriving in Edinburgh on the 11th  
>> August
> I'm kinda in between Edinburgh and Darlington. I'll definitely trek up  
> to Edinburgh to say hi

Fabulous news all round.

Might I suggest: http://www.cumberlandbar.co.uk/

It serves decent beer as well as food.  No wifi tho.

>> I could also be convinced to give a talk (20-45 minutes) on
>> something, as long as it's Perl related, I can pick the topic, and
>> there'll be drinks during/afterwards.  ;)

Tech talks are a bit like the three legged haggis at edinburgh.pm meets,
but I note the above pub has a "back room", which I could at least ask
about reserving for talk(s).  Being festival season they might just
laugh at such a notion.  No wifi/projector/screens and limited power
outlets ...  We're a lot more set up for drinking than talking, but that
is par for the course around these parts.

Is anyone else willing to stand up and say something both vaugely
coherent and technical for a few minutes?  Or shall we just keep it

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