[Edinburgh-pm] 11th August - Paul and Jacinta (PJF and jarich) come to Edinburgh!

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jul 13 09:59:55 PDT 2009

G'day Andy, Aarron, and Edinburgh.pm,

Andy Armstrong wrote:

> I'm kinda in between Edinburgh and Darlington. I'll definitely trek up
> to Edinburgh to say hi and can probably get you to Darlington if it
> would help. If you want to see sights in between (like Hadrian's wall
> for example) I'm happy to be tour guide for that too.

Goodness me, yes!

Having just gone on a wiki-adventure starting with Hadrian's Wall, I can
even upgrade that to a "Goodness me, yes oh yes please!"  ;)

Aaron Crane wrote:

> My flatmate and I would be happy to offer you the use of our sofa bed
> for the night.  (Though he's not a tech person; hope that isn't a
> problem.  ;-) 

We've finally booked our flights, and are coming in a little earlier than
expected, with our plane arriving at Edinburgh airport at 21:20 on the 10th
August.  I know it's an awkward time at night, but if we could make sure of
the sofa on the 10th, that would be wonderful!

Although I also note we've just been generously offered accommodation by
Murray, who lives "out in the sticks", but only a stone's throw from the
airport.  Given how late we'll be arriving (about 9:30pm), that may make for
less travel overall.

Andy has offered:

> Not Edinburgh - but I can put you up between Edinburgh and Darlo if it
> helps.

Yes please!  If it's not too inconvenient, then that would be fabulous;
especially on the 11th, as that would put us well on our way to our
Darlington adventures.  Thank-you very much indeed!

All the best, and looking forward to seeing you all in Edinburgh,


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