[Edinburgh-pm] Hackathon venue

Murray perl at minty.org
Fri May 16 04:36:23 PDT 2008

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 11:19:39AM +0100, A Smith wrote:
> Depending on the date and publicity we might be able to attract people
> from a college/uni or even school leaver groups.   I've been at
> presentations there so it might be possible to use one of the theatres
> and connect into the video and sound system to give a running
> commentary of what someone is trying to achieve with their hack.

Sounds like a superb venue.  We could even go see a film after :)

I've never really been to a hackathon before, but my working hypothesis
was that they were more about people autonomously hacking on (perhaps
very different) stuff in the same geo-spacial environment, with the
option to throw ideas and quick questions amongst the group and/or chat
about on/off topic bits and drink.

More the merrier I say, but I'm inclined to think that we shouldn't be
pitching it as a way for people to be taught by others, thus introducing
a expectation of information provider/consumer.  Unless anyone is
nominating themselves to lecture/teach, which I don't think we have yet
seen.  Plus I personally favour the more informal style in this context.

Perhaps I'm reading in more than I should, but it would be a shame if
the inaugral event had a bunch of people turning up expecting to listen
and learn, and be greeted with no specific mentoring resources.


In an utterly un-related manner, I'm quite liking https://zattoo.com/ a
p2p tv watching thingy for linux, mac and that other os.  I reckon it
really wants a "record" button, but as they seem to be at least trying
to be legit about it I guess that is unlikely to happen.  Anyone know of
an open source equivalent that might be less inclined to remove
perfectly good features for the sake of inane historic legalese.

I'm personally thinking zattoo are on thin legal ice regardless, but I
can see why it's unlikely they'll introduce a record/pause button
anytime soon.  Project Kangaroo is also not what I am after.


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