[Dub-pm] "Compiled" Code

John.MCNAMARA at snamprogetti.eni.it John.MCNAMARA at snamprogetti.eni.it
Wed May 5 03:30:04 CDT 2004

> I'm just wondering - how does one go about "compiling" one's perl code
> into a binary distributable format?

In addition to PAR there is Perl2exe:


It isn't really a compiler it just bundles the interpreter and source code
together. It works well but it isn't free.

There is also a similar tool from ActiveState called perlapp:


#!/usr/bin/perl -l

# Reveal hidden message in the footer. Slowly!!.
$_=join$<=><DATA>and split;@_=@_[10,19,32,39];
$_[0]^="'";$_[1]="an"|"  ".$_[1];
$_[2]=~s s(.)(.)(.).+s\u\1\3r\2s;$_[3]++for+0..45543094;

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