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Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Mon Apr 5 14:52:11 CDT 2004

John Day said on Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 08:17:44PM +0100:
> Hi folks,
> don't know about you but I'm happy at last to know I'm not the only one using Perl in Dublin ;-)
> so, what next?   what do PM's do exactly (mail, meet, drink beer...?)

I like beer. We'll see if we can get a critical mass of folks onlist (reeeeal
soon now, since I now have all the setup stuff.), and see what happens from
there. Definitely on for pints at some stage, although even ILUG have trouble
getting folk at times :)

Once the initial webpage is up, I can do the usual jazz of soliciting for
members on ILUG/SAGE/c.l.p.m/{suggestions?}.

A very basic thing I've knocked up is at
http://www.swearing.org/temp/mongers/. Very basic, and similar to the old
page, but will hopefully have content soon. Once It's done, I can get
dublin.pm.org pointed at it.
> Dave, what plans do you have for the webpage?   (wouldn't mind seeing it though I'm also a content person & pretty crap at presentation ;-)

At the moment, I'm planning on going for an initial effort, with all the
information we need. It'll be hosted on my linux VM, so any resources (such as
Perl!) will be available to do as we wish. Idea is that maybe someone would
like to take on the role of webmaster eventually, since even CSS bears little
ju-ju with this old-style <font>-tag monkey. 
> Anyone else planning on going (or even speaking)?
Yep, planning at the moment on going. Haven't been to that particular place,
but I go to a convention in Belfast most every year, and it's a pleasant
enough place to mope around in.

I'll be knocking around in #dublin-pm in irc.linux.ie.

	- DoC

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