[Dub-pm] Status

Dave O Connor doc at redbrick.dcu.ie
Thu Apr 8 05:10:41 CDT 2004

Alright, quick status report on what's going to happen before calls for
members go out:

1) I'm waiting on the pm.org tech guys to change the dublin.pm.org A record to
point to the machine I'm hosting the pages on. It's been a few days, and a few

2) The placeholder webpage is at http://www.swearing.org/temp/mongers/.
Suggestions and corrections welcome before it 'goes live'.

That looks like it. The list is all nicely set up, and I'm camping out in
#dublin-pm in irc.linux.ie (am afk a lot, being in work, but feel free to
potter about).

Anyone any further thoughts?

	- DoC

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