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John Day johnd at pci.ie
Mon Apr 5 14:17:44 CDT 2004

Hi folks,
don't know about you but I'm happy at last to know I'm not the only one using Perl in Dublin ;-)
so, what next?   what do PM's do exactly (mail, meet, drink beer...?)
Dave, what plans do you have for the webpage?   (wouldn't mind seeing it though I'm also a content person & pretty crap at presentation ;-)
For those that don't have it or can't find it(shiver) here's the address for YAPC: HYPERLINK "http://belfast.yapc.org/"http://belfast.yapc.org/ .   It's on from Wednesday 15 September till Friday 17 September & I for one wouldn't mind going to it.
Anyone else planning on going (or even speaking)?

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