[Chicago-talk] Perl Mail Client recomendations sought

Richard Reina richard at rushlogistics.com
Mon Jan 11 09:33:47 PST 2016

Thank you for the great answers Alan and Steve. I don't think I want to mess with my own mail server. I have poked around at some or the perl Mail modules but not sure that's what I want. In the end I would love to find an online mail client (meaning that I can access it from anywhere) that would always make sure my responses are from my domain -- something a forward situations sometimes fails at because I've noticed that my wife's replies sometimes show her gmail.com domain and not her company domain.  

> El ene 9, 2016, a las 10:53 AM, Steven Lembark <lembark at wrkhors.com> escribió:
> Sanity check:
>    You are runninng your own mail server (i.e., 
>    the mail is housed on a machine you run)?
> If so I can show you how to set up basic mail handling, but it is 
> going to be more work than you really want to deal with keeping the
> mail server up and running.
> Best approach is to find any mail service you like (gmail is a pain
> to use, yahoo is easier, I use one in CT that also handles my DNS
> records). At that point you can have an MX record in DNS for the mail 
> that gets all mail sent to foobar at runshlogictics -> foobar at theservice.
> After that you can use any email client you like to access the mail
> or use Perl modules with IMAP protocol to automate processing of the
> email. 
> If you really, truly want to run your own email server I can send
> you instructions for setting up a postfix, procmail, and dovecot
> (all of which come standard on *NIX) that will work nicely for
> your purposes. The real problem is maintaining proper security with
> the email service -- which is why it's better to have the mail sent
> to an outside service and either read it there or pull it with 
> fetchmail onto the local system; which I can show you how to do 
> also if you like.
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