[Chicago-talk] Perl Mail Client recomendations sought

Alan Mead amead2 at alanmead.org
Fri Jan 8 09:09:24 PST 2016


So the email ends up on a Linux|BSD server and you want to read it on 
the command line?  I'd install mailx or mutt. Neither is terribly 
complex. I prefer mailx for simple emails (but then I like vi/vim as 
well) but mutt has a lot more functionality.

You could also drop a .forward file into the home directory of the 
user(s) who receive(s) the email, which should forward the email to the 
mailbox of your choice (including at other domains, e.g., your 
rushlogistics.com address).  You can also (as root) drop an alias into 
/etc/aliases (and then with some email servers, you need to run 
newaliases as root to get your mail program to pick up the new alias).  
Both of these will forward the email of those users (which may not be 
desirable), but with the advantage that your email comes to one place 
that you check using your favorite/familiar email client.

Finally, you can probably configure your digitalocean host to serve 
email to clients and then use a client like Thunderbird to pick up that 
email. I've never done this so I don't know the details but you could 
search for POP or IMAP as those are the protocols you would use (POP 
generally downloads the email to your client; IMAP generally leaves the 
email on the server). For example, "POP or IMAP linux server" provides 
some useful-looking links. Or install a package like SquirrelMail, 
Roundcube, etc. on your digitalocean host, which will allow you to read 
your emails through a web interface. This approach may be the riskiest 
because it means exposing this service to the wild Internet.

Or, if I misunderstood your problem, maybe you could restate it... I 
don't see how Perl is likely to be of use here....


On 1/8/2016 8:20 AM, richard at rushlogistics.com wrote:
> I am currenly receiving and sending a very low volume of emails (sending with via scripts with Mail::Message) to and from a my digitalocean sight. Right now my method for checking my emails to this sight is ls -lt /var/mail and then purusing through which ever file has new mail. This barebones setup was the result of me follwing a digitalocean tutorial to setup up postfix and sendmail. I know next to nothing about mail servers and was wondering if someone could recommend a solution that will make it a bit easier to respond to emails sent to the domain. Looking for something with a not steep learning curve.   Is there any such perl module that can help? Doesn't have to be something super comprehensive just something to get me out of the dark ages.
> Thanks
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