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Take a look at Perl Catalyst. There are a few more mvc frameworks for Perl
you can look into too.

The old way to do it would be to just take the data structure you get back
from the database and using CGI and/or an HTML template toolkit to create
the webpage.

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> Hello All,
> What would be the easiest way to display query results from a MySQL
> database -- running on a Debian machine -- onto a webpage. What I would
> like is to allow a user to log in and be able to do a few simple queries. I
> know enough perl and SQL to write the queries via perl->DBI but I have
> never done any web programing. What I mean is that I have written a lot of
> perl programs that query databases and display the results on a console
> screen via curses but never displayed results onto the www. I'm guessing
> that I might need to install Apache but really have no clue beyond that.
> PS It does not have to be anything fancy.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Richard
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