[Chicago-talk] Interfacing to Excel

Michael Potter michael at potter.name
Sun May 10 19:01:22 PDT 2009

Just to follow up on this and let you know what worked...
I used ActiveState Perl with the Win32::OLE module.  It worked perfectly and
was very easy to follow the sample code.  I ran it under Windows XP in a
VMWare session on my MBP.

I was able to update a cell, then read the resultant table of values back.
This worked great and it saved my client a ton of money.  I did not make
much money on it because I work by the hour and I got the problem solved so
quickly ;).

I put a .25 second delay after I updated the cell just to make sure that the
calculations were all done.  I am pretty sure the delay was unnecessary, but
the delay did not cause any other problems so I left it in.  Also, I did a
screen recording of the spreadsheet processing to show the client; the .25
second delay was long enough that they could get a better idea of what I was

Michael Potter
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