[Chicago-talk] Data for Charting

David J. Young younda at rcn.com
Mon May 18 12:26:33 PDT 2009


Does anyone know of a good module to extract/create data suitable for use in a charting module/program? 

For example:

The original dataset may look like this from a database query:

Q3-2008  4716
Q4-2008  1025
Q2-2009    73

Q3-2008: 1024
Q4-2008:  445

Q4-2008:  777

(Note, dataset above is not explicitly how it comes out of database.  This is just to illustrate the gaps in the data that need to be set to zero).

>From this, I'd like to get this:
xaxis = qw(Q3-2008 Q4-2008 Q1-2009 Q2-2009);
line1 = qw([0,4716] [1,1025] [2,0] [3,73]);
line2 = qw([0,1024] [1,445] [2,0] [3,0]];
line3 = qw([0,0] [1,777] [2,0] [3,0]];

If you don't know of any modules, can you recommend any good strategies to do this?


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