[Chicago-talk] POSI-Chicago Meeting Tuesday May 19th 7:00 PM at Pumping Station One

Andrew Dougherty andrewdo at frdcsa.org
Wed May 6 09:15:25 PDT 2009

POSI (http://posithon.org) May Meeting
Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00 pm
Pumping Station One
3354 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, IL

After consulting with the members of Pumping Station One, the new
hacker collective in Chicago, we will be holding the POSI-Chicago May
meeting at the new hackerspace on 3354 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, IL on
Tuesday, May 19th, at 7:00 pm.  Immediately after the meeting, the
Pumping Station One weekly meeting will start, so this will be an
opportunity for those not aware of what's going on there to drop in
and see what's up.  (You will be required to sign a liability waiver
to be admitted inside Pumping Station One.)

Please advertise this meeting on your Meetup groups (i.e. FVCP,
FRV-Entrepreneur, and SemWeb), and social network sites.  More
information can be found on the POSI website (http://posithon.org).

We will record the meeting and upload the results to the POSI site.

Possible Topics:

	Job Search and Consulting
		If you are interested in obtaining consulting jobs and so
		forth, this system can help you.  In order to help
		contributors stay solvent, this system exists to help find
		work.  We will be integrating it with the overall POSI
		website, rewriting it and extending its capabilities.
	Natural Language Processing with FRDCSA
		So as to maximize attendance of the POSI-Chicago meeting, we
		should co-schedule this PS1 lecture .
	Open Fair Credit System (OFCS)
		Implementing an open source accounting software system for
		normatively and semantically representing the value of work
		and assets and using it to promote a virtualized barter
		economy (not dependent on existing currencies so as not to
		disenfranchise the cash poor) for groups like POSI and PS1.
	Using POSI within PS1
		Transforming the existing PS1 skills exchange to POSI format,
		setting up PosiBot on the #pumpingstationone channel, further
		developing the EMS skills extraction software.
	Getting and Staying Organized with Free Software
		An internal course on organization using free software.
		Topics include managing email, VOIP, feeds, (personal adaptive
		filtering), Ball-in-court, the paperless office, etc, etc.
	POSI/PS1 "Commercial" and Video Production
		Setting up the greenscreen and developing a "commercial" which
		informs the public about Pumping Station One in an effort to
		draw new members and friends into the group.
	Inventory Management
		Using RFID and inventory management for Pumping Station One,
		business and personal use using the FRDCSA SILO Inventory
	Access to the FRDCSA for Use and Development
		Ensuring that interested users and developers have access to
		the FRDCSA either through checking out the GIT repo or by
		building and distributing the Virtual Machine copy.
	Learning to Program
		Setting up and operating introductory programming instruction.
	Shared Priority System Editor (Java application)
		Go over the requirements and mini programming sprint on the
		Shared Priority System Editor and integration with Verber.
	LDAP Integration and POSI Website Development
		Setting up LDAP to provide authentication across POSI and
		FRDCSA and all associated web services.
	POSI Future Plans
		Discuss, review, the progress of POSI, what plans we have for
		its future, assessing its current priorities, and so forth.

	Debian Packaging and Software Archive


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