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Jonathan Steinert hachi at kuiki.net
Wed Mar 10 11:40:54 CST 2004

JT Smith wrote:

> I started playing with POE last night for a server synchronization 
> process I'm working on. The basic gist is that I want to have a process 
> on server A kick off related processes on server's B and C. I thought 
> setting up POE as a communications gateway on all three servers would be 
> a great way to achieve that, given our little talk last month.
> I downloaded POE::Component::Server::SOAP and followed the example 
> provided in POD. Unforunately the example doesn't work. The the server 
> starts and the communication seems to be getting across, but the 
> published service doesn't seem to be doing anything with the request. 
> I've used quite a few web services (from X-Methods, Google's API, and 
> some homebrew) and I'm fairly familiar with SOAP::Lite, but this is my 
> first time with POE.
> Can anybody help guide me in the right direction here? How do I get 
> debug out of POE? How do I make the example work? Any ideas?

There's a ton of debugging output you can get out of POE... my usual 
routine is:

POE_ASSERT_DEFAULT=1 perl myprog.pl 2> somelog.txt

run the server for a while, make a request or possibly 2, then kill it.

However there's a lot more settings than that, and you don't have to set 
them from your shell as an environment variable (this may only be a 
cvs-poe feature, not sure).


In any case, I've never used PoCo::Server::SOAP before, so I'm not sure 
if the samples are broken or what. The usual mistake I'm prone to 
hitting in POE is that I've mistyped a state name somewhere, which 
because they are just strings to perl don't produce an error. The 
TRACE_EVENTS debug feature may be what you want to try.

I'm reading over the docs to PoCo::Server::SOAP and may come back with a 
better answer soon.


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