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JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Wed Mar 10 13:34:14 CST 2004

Thanks. I'll try this out. BTW. I'm sorry I didn't remember that from your discussion. I 
know that you told us how to do some debug.

If you do download it and figure something out, I'd be very glad to know what you figure 

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004 11:40:54 -0600
  Jonathan Steinert <hachi at kuiki.net> wrote:
>JT Smith wrote:
>> I started playing with POE last night for a server synchronization 
>> process I'm working on. The basic gist is that I want to have a process 
>> on server A kick off related processes on server's B and C. I thought 
>> setting up POE as a communications gateway on all three servers would be 
>> a great way to achieve that, given our little talk last month.
>> I downloaded POE::Component::Server::SOAP and followed the example 
>> provided in POD. Unforunately the example doesn't work. The the server 
>> starts and the communication seems to be getting across, but the 
>> published service doesn't seem to be doing anything with the request. 
>> I've used quite a few web services (from X-Methods, Google's API, and 
>> some homebrew) and I'm fairly familiar with SOAP::Lite, but this is my 
>> first time with POE.
>> Can anybody help guide me in the right direction here? How do I get 
>> debug out of POE? How do I make the example work? Any ideas?
>There's a ton of debugging output you can get out of POE... my usual routine is:
>POE_ASSERT_DEFAULT=1 perl myprog.pl 2> somelog.txt
>run the server for a while, make a request or possibly 2, then kill it.
>However there's a lot more settings than that, and you don't have to set them from your 
>shell as an environment variable (this may only be a cvs-poe feature, not sure).
>In any case, I've never used PoCo::Server::SOAP before, so I'm not sure if the samples 
>are broken or what. The usual mistake I'm prone to hitting in POE is that I've mistyped 
>a state name somewhere, which because they are just strings to perl don't produce an 
>error. The TRACE_EVENTS debug feature may be what you want to try.
>I'm reading over the docs to PoCo::Server::SOAP and may come back with a better answer 
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