[Chicago-talk] Dealing with normal command line input?

jason gessner jason at multiply.org
Tue Sep 30 17:51:10 CDT 2003

Hi all.

How do you all generally deal with normal interactive command line input in
your scripts?

I ask because of a specific problem.  For the most part I use cygwin on
Windows XP for my perl work.  Inside the CPAN shell (after install
Term::Readkey), I can edit normally.  If I make a mistake and backspace, no
funny-business happens.  However, with my own scripts that simply read from
STDIN (like some of my blogging scripts), any backspaces or arrow keys show
up as control characters.  Is this my environment or is there something
simple I am missing?

This behaviour is only showing up on my cygwin environment, but I am unable
to find any really good info on this issue.  Things are ship shape on Mac
OSX and redhat (7.2 and 9).


-jason scott gessner
    jason at multiply.org 

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